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Patrick was privleged to attend this session in person.  These videos capture all but the last 5 minutes of the hour-long presentation (missing just one or two questions of the Q&A portion), and there's only a brief moment's gap in between the two parts.

* Note: Halina passed away on 25 Oct 2022 in Parkville, MD at the age of 93

Tech Tips:

Choosing a Chromebook:

I am often asked for advice on selecting the "right" Chromebook.  Here's my advice.  When it comes to Chromebooks, I see it as a much easier process than buying a Windows computer.  It's hard to go wrong with a Chromebook in general; they are all made to Google specs, and those are relatively high - and uniform - standards.  Specifically, here's the process I recommend:


* Here's the link to look up all Chromebook AUEs:

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