POBspace Secure File Server

Below, you may attach and download files for convenient storage, or for sharing with one another.
  • To add a file, just click "Add files" (below) and upload the file(s) you wish to share.  I suggest you use a concise but descriptive file name.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The maximum file size is 20MB.
  • To access (i.e., view or download) a file that is already listed below, simply click on the file name.
    • If you want to download a copy of it to your own computer, click the down arrow near the right edge of the screen.
  • When you no longer need a file and want to remove it, click the "X" all the way on the right side of the screen in line with the file you wish to delete.
    • You will have a moment to "un-do" the deletion in case it was a mistake, but then the file will disappear completely.

This page may only be accessed by Bill, Paula, and the six kids.