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POB's Favorite Web Resources, Recommendations, and Tech Tips (and some other stuff too!)
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Recommended Videos:
  • Schindler's List Survivor Halina Silber's Presentation, 06 Oct 2014 at Garrett College.  Halina Silber, #12 on Schindler's List, was 12 years old when she worked in his factory.  Listen to her gripping, first-hand account of how she survived.
These videos capture all but the last 5 minutes of the hour-long presentation (missing just one or two questions of the Q&A portion), and there's only a brief moment's gap in between the two parts.

Recommended Applications and Devices:
  1. Microsoft Security Essentials (comprehensive Windows security suite up to Windows 7  FREE
    Note: This comes built-in in Windows 8; it's known as "Windows Defender")
  2. Google Voice (virtual "find-me" telephone number)  FREE
  3. PrimoPDF (create PDFs from any document)  FREE
  4. Google Chrome (web browser)  FREE
  5. Crossloop (remote PC control)  FREE
  6. Sky.FM  (streaming Internet music - many varieties)  FREE
  7. AxCrypt from Axantum (open source file/folder encryption software - Windows)  FREE
  8. TrueCrypt (open source disk encryption software - Windows)  FREE
  9. CryptUp  (free email encryption for Gmail, only for the Chrome browser)  FREEMIUM
  10. MagicJack  (Internet phone service)  $20.00 / year
  11. Determine GPS Coordinates
  12. Adjust a graphic pixel size: Pixer.us
  13. QR Code Reader (and AR code generator) from Scan, Inc.
  14. ClearCheckBook (full-featured, web-based, and Android/iPhone enabled checkbook)  FREEMIUM
  15. Buy an Internet Domain Through Google
  16. HelloFax (Online Fax / Document Signing, Integrates with Google Apps)  FREEMIUM / $4.99 / month
  17. UberConference (Instant, Simple, Free Conference-Calling)    FREE
  18. CaptureWizPro (screen, image, video capture)    $39.95 (free 30-day trial)
  19. Screencastify (Screen Video Recording for Chrome) Free under 10 minutes, 10 Euros unlimited
  20. CamScanner (Scanner / PDF creator app)
  21. AirDroid
  22. What's New in Google
  23. Greenshot (Printscreen replacement for screen grabs)
  24. Home-made PVC hand-pump
  25. Check a cell phone's Electronic Serial Number (ESN) / IMEI and Serial Number to see if it's been reported lost or stolen